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Directorate of Health Services, Goa







National Rural Health Mission

Village health and Sanitation committees:
Village health and Sanitation committee have been constituted. Rs. 10,000 has been disbursed to all the committees. These committees will coordinate and support the different activities, provide leadership for community and serve as the community contact point with local and district functionaries.

Total Village health and Sanitation committees : 303

      Sarpanch/Panchayat Secretary,
      Anganwadi workers

Additional ANM at sub-center:

28 sub-centers, having a population of more then 10,000 are provided with an additional ANM.

Rogi Kalyan Samitis:

Rogi Kalyan Samitis is constituted at District Hospitals, CHC & PHC.
Hospital visiting committee is a part of Rogi Kalyan Samiti. 
Altogether 14 Rogi Kalyan Samitis are registered.

Emergency Management & Research Institute (EMRI):

Emergency Medical Ambulance scheme was launched in the state of Goa on 5th Sep.08.
This service would cater for medical emergencies, fire and police emergencies. Till Sept.09 33,712 emergency calls received and 100 % calls were attended.
30 advanced paramadics are inducted under EMRI so as to decrease fatality rate due to cardiac and other causes. 

Mammography Unit:
Mammography Unit Mobile clinic van with mammography ultrasound and pathology unit will be introduced shortly for early detection and prompt treatment of breast cancer.

Mobile Medical Unit with facilities for Blood investigation and Radiological diagnostics:
The Directorate of Health Services has acquired two mobile medical units with the following services: 
1. General check up, 
2. Laboratory investigations,
3. USG,
4. X- ray facilities,
5. Health Education
The health services have reached the interiors of Goa through the mobile medical units by holding camps which have provided great benefit to the local community who are otherwise inaccessible. There is a great response from the rural masses for these camps. 

Till date , 68 camps ( South Goa- 27 & north Goa - 41 ) were held & over 25,000 patients were screened and treated by the consultants of various faculties. On an average in each camp, sixty blood investigations, fifteen to twenty x-rays, fifteen to twenty ECGs and ten to fifteen sonographic studies were conducted during these camps. 

New Born Screening:

  • A scheme has been introduced by the Govt. of Goa on 14th June 2008 to screen all newborns delivered in the Govt. hospitals for any inborn errors of metabolism. 

  • This year till date 10, 935, babies have been screened.

  • Some of the cases detected were urea cycle disorder, amino acid disorder, hypothyroidism & cystic fibrosis, Organic acid disorders, liver diseases, Amino Acid profile, G6PD etc.

Diabetes Detection Camps: 

  1. The Govt. of Goa has taken the initiative to launch Diabetes Control program in collaboration with Novo Nordisk.

  2. The inauguration of this program was held at GMC on 19th Sep.08. Diabetes detection camps are held at various places with the help of the mobile vans.

  3. Camps Held till date : 110 camps 

  4. 18 people are selected for house to house survey for the phase II ( Diabetic Registry)
    Free Insulin will be distributed for BPL under Phase II.

Cancer Registry:

  1. Inaugurated on 2nd January 2009

  2. Core Committee for Breast Cancer Study in Goa has been constituted.

  3. The staff of cancer registry has already been in place and are trained at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Till date more than 750 cases are registered under cancer registry wherein the data has been collected from Goa Medical College and from different peripheral units from whole of Goa. This initiative will help in knowing the prevalence of type of cancer and necessary measures and action could be taken for prevention of the same.

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